The Influence of School Types, Class Classifications and Gender on Academic Achievement in Economics among High School Students: A Comparative Analysis.

ARANSI Waliyi Olayemi


The objective of this study was to examine empirically the influence of school types, class classifications and gender on students’ academic achievement in Economics among high school students in Irewole Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria. Due to this, three research questions were formulated and answered. All Grade II (Senior Secondary School Two) students who offered Economics in both private and public schools within the study area during 2017/2018 academic session formed the target population. However, simple random sampling technique which was stratified in nature and operation was used to select two-hundred and twenty seven (227) respondents. One-hundred and four (104) participants were from private schools while one-hundred and twenty three (123) participants were chosen from public schools. The empirical findings obtained with the aid of t-statistics indicated insignificant difference in the academic achievement of students in Economics on the basis of types of school. Beside, students in Science streams in both schools exhibited slightly better academic achievement in Economics than their counterparts in Arts and Commercial classes.  There was a significant difference in the students’ academic achievement on the basis of gender which was in favour of female students in private-funded schools. The study suggested that the teachers of both schools should endeavour to adopt varieties of teaching methods that aim at assisting the students to benefit from teaching not minding the class streams and gender, among others.


School Types; Class Classifications; Gender; Academic Achievement

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