Suicide During The Pandemic Time

Diana Sejdiu Shala, Fitim Alidema, Arieta Hasani Alidema, Albulena Jashari Selmani, Luljeta Berisha


In recent years the biggest challenge facing humanity is the Covid-19 pandemic.This is a challenge that has manifested itself in many problems in all spheres of life. One of the areas that have affected him is mental health, which has been much discussed.However, the other main issue that this study is about is suicides and the causes that brought them about.

Suicide is a complex act and appears due to many factors, which are sometimes known, and some cases remain unknown at the time of death. But, the purpose of this study is to study the known causes that caused suicides during the time of the pandemic.

Identifying specific factors associated with changing the suicide case ratio provides valuable information to the community. To raise his awareness about such cases and to sensitize them to approach them properly.

The result of this study is to determine how various factors around us play a major role in our mental health and our emotional state by pushing us towards committing the act of suicide. These results include a description of the characteristics of each factor and how influential they are.

To have a safer and more efficient treatment of these cases, this study contributes to the field of medicine, integrating also the field of psychology and sociology.Thus, through the cooperation of these areas competent for these issues, suicide prevention can be achieved.


pandemic, suicide, stress, anxiety, social isolation, economy, emotional state, situation management, mental health

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