Study of Challenges in Implementing Digital Transformation in Construction Projects

Amila Nayana Kanthi Kankanam Gamage


The main objective of this paper is to identify the challenges in implementing digital transformation in construction projects. Digital transformation is vital for construction projects due to its many benefits including increased productivity and an improved collaborative environment. A literature review was conducted to study the existing publications on digital transformation to identify the possible challenges and barriers that affect the construction industry transformation. Papers published from 2019 to 2021 were studied for this literature review with the objective of finding the latest knowledge on this topic. This paper identifies challenges and barriers in the construction sector as well as solutions to overcome the possible challenges. Digital transformation phases, processes and resources are discussed in this paper.  This study also identified gaps and future research areas to obtain more accurate data regarding the challenges in digital transformation in construction projects.


construction projects; digital transformation; digitalization; challenges; construction

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