Study Of Behavioral Changes Induced By Oxidative Stress

Tekla Rtveladze Z., Nodar Mitagvaria P., Tinatin Iosebize I.


Belief in the curative power of hyperthermia dates back to antiquity. The healing effect of treatment was mentioned in advanced cultures of ancient Egypt (2400 B. C.), but only the medical professionals of the Greek Antique have used the therapeutic approach consistently, acknowledging it with the designation “over-warming” (“Hypertherma”- translated from Greek)[2].

Confirmation of the antiquity of hyperthermia is usually given by the famous maxim of Hippocrates (460–356 BC) “That medicines do not cure, then heals iron, that iron does not cure, then heals fire. That even fire does not heal, it must be considered incurable ”[5].

       It is probably difficult to find any pathological condition that does not accompany or is not involved in the development of this phenomenon - neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, ischemic cascade, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, etc. [3,4].


Whole body hyperthermia; oxidative stress; hydrogen peroxide; experiments.

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