Assessment Of Health Hazards Incurable From Charcoal Production And Its Usage In Ogbomoso Zone Of Oyo State

A. O. Tiamiyu, E. Ayanwuyi, J.O. Akintonde, A.S Adetunji, W.A. Adewole, S.O Oladipo


Charcoal has been a blessing to the rural populace who are either producers or users. It contribution to the society is evident and this has encouraged people to engage in the charcoal production and usage but nevertheless, it is associated with its own risk to both producers and users. This study therefore identified the health hazards and methods used to control health hazards incurable from the production and usage of charcoal in Ogbomoso zone of Oyo state. Data for this study were elicited through the use of a well-structured interview schedule and were analyzed with frequency counts, percentages, mean and Chi-square. The mean age of the respondents was 33.8 years, both male (68.9%) and female (31.1%) constituted the sampled population, almost all the respondents were literate with varied level of educational status with a mean of 6.7 years of experience in production and usage of charcoal. All (100%) the respondents indicated back pain and injuries while majority indicated headache as health hazard incurable. Bathing immediately after production and use of charcoal and use of nose pad when producing and utilizing charcoal produced. Chi-square revealed that selected socio-economic variables (sex- x2=76.364, p<0.01; primary occupation- 248.750, p<0.01; secondary- 157.648, p<0.01; membership to association -77.175**, p<0.01) exhibited significant association with health hazards incurable from charcoal production and usage. Subject matter specialist should make provision for availability of safety materials and seminars to curtail the side-effects of charcoal producers and users in the study area.


Assessment, Health hazard, Incurable, Charcoal production, Usage

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