Traditional Knowledge About Medicinal Plants Of Tay Ethnic Community In South Vietnam: A Case Study At Lan Tranh Protection Forest, Lam Dong Province

Nguyen Thi Hanh, Nguyen Van Hop, Hoang Van Thai, Nguyen Van Quy, Nguyen Thi Luong


This study was conducted at Lan Tranh Protection Forest in Vietnam to investigate and record existing traditional knowledge about medicinal plants used by the Tay ethnic community. A total of 90 species, 87 genera belonging to 58 families of three phyta were recorded. Nine medicinal plants were listed in the Vietnam Red Data Book (2007), Vietnam Red List of medicinal plants (2019), and the Decree 06/ND-CP/2019 of the Vietnamese Government. Six life forms are used as a medicine, of which the highest is herbaceous (40%). It is mainly distributed around the village (34.44%), and the whole plant is the most commonly used part (18.89%). Most medicinal plants were harvested year-round by local people (87.89%). Three methods of preservation: dry storage, dry storage combined with fresh, fresh preservation was used to preserve medicinal plants before use, and long-term preservation. Internal use is predominant (84.44%) in the community for health care and treatment of 13 treatment groups ranging from simple to incurable. This study also introduced several typical drugs of Tay people and proposed solutions to conserve and develop resources of drug plants in the Lan Tranh protection forest. 


Lan Tranh forest, Medicinal plants, Tay ethnic, Traditional knowledge, Vietnam

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