The Power Contestation In First Day Cover Of Lubang Buaya Revolutionary Hero Monument Stamp (1967)

Guruh Ramdani


Stamps not only functioning as postal items, but also can be a document officially issued by the state at a certain time period to commemorate and document a particular historical momentum that is large in nature and is considered important for the life of a nation. PT Pos Indonesia simultaneously issues new stamps and first day cover (FDC). This article was aimed to study a history part through the first day cover of Lubang Buaya Revolutionary Hero Monument Stamp (1967) in visual and verbal markers based on symbols, writings, and images. In particular FDC stamps, a power contestation is expressed by presenting major event monument of Indonesian history and building collective memory through the visual markers it presents with emphasis on certain aspects to strengthen the New Order regime power and forget the Old Order regime.


FDC Stamps, August, history, power contestation, Monument, Revolutionary heroes, hegemony, collective memory, ideology.

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