Solar Powered Portable Charging Unit as Emergency Response for Disaster Prone Areas

Olly Roy Chowdhury, Md. Forhad Hossain, Arif Kaiser


Long term power cut off situation during and after any natural calamity can bring unbearable sufferings to people. Emergency situations are taken care of by several relief activities. But providing emergency electric power is still very rare or selectively available to medical emergencies only and that is too, solely based on electric generators burning expensive diesel fuel. Application of renewable energy, specifically solar energy in a portable way, can be an efficient, cost effective, pollution free sustainable solution in such cases of emergency response. This paper presents a solar powered battery charging unit that can be carried to anywhere and electric power can be fetched during day time and after dark for charging and powering up our essential electronic appliances like mobile, Wi-Fi router, low powered fan, light etc. Here we have developed and tested solar powered portable charging unit or emergency electric power provider unit for domestic use as well as for  disaster prone areas for emergency response.


Solar charger;emergency electricity; portable charging unit; emergency response

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