Validity and Practicality of Acid-Base E-Module Based on Guided Discovery Learning for Class XI SMA

Nadya Afrilianti, Yerimadesi Yerimadesi


This study aims to analyze the validity and practicality of the acid and base e-module based on guided discovery learning. The development model used in this research is the Plomp development model. The e-module validity test was carried out by two Chemistry lecturers, FMIPA UNP, three chemistry teachers, and two Informatics Engineering lecturers, FT UNP. The practicality test was carried out by three chemistry teachers and twenty-seven students of class XI at SMAN 2 Payakumbuh in the January-June 2021 semester. The instruments used were validity and practicality questionnaires. The validity questionnaire was analyzed using the Aikens'V formula and the practicality questionnaire was analyzed using descriptive statistical percentages. From the results of the study, the average value of Aikens'V for content validity, construct validity, and the media validity is 0.81; 0.85; 0.95 with high validity category. The practicality value of e-modules obtained from teachers and students is 91%, 91% each with a very practical category. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the acid-base e-module based on guided discovery learning produced is valid and practical. This research needs to be continued with testing the effectiveness of e-modules to be used in the learning process.

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