Philosophical And Methodological Aspects Of The Balance Of Faith And Knowledge In The Development Of Society

Umarova Feruza Rozibaevna, Kalandarova Gavhar Sulaymonovna


In this article, the specificity of faith and knowledge, their balance in the development of society and their philosophical, as well, methodological aspects were analyzed on the basis of the ideas of classical and modern philosophy.  Science is based on empirical data, and religious faith is the knowledge of the supernatural forces based on choice of values. Actually, faith and knowledge do not contradict each other, but complement each other. The role of religious believes in the moral development of the individuals and the importance of science in creating more comfort for the life show the need for their balance in modern society. 


Faith, Knowledge, Morality, Religion, Resocialization, Humanization, Gnoseology, Ontology, Background Knowledge.

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