Pesticides’ Influence On Winter Wheat Growth, Development And Yield

Sulaymanov Oybek Madikhonovich, Khalilov Nasriddin


This article presents data from studies on winter wheat crops against weeds and diseases with the integrated use of herbicides, fungicides and the biologically active substance "Humimax double strength". As a research result, it was revealed that the positive effect of herbicides, fungicides and biologically active substance "Humimax double strength" on assimilation surfaces, wheat yield. The highest assimilation surface and grain yield of winter wheat is formed with the integrated application of herbicides Entostar 75%, Ovsyugen extra, from Torso fungicides and the biologically active substance "Humimax double strength".


Weeds, rust, productivity, grain, fungicide, herbicide, winter wheat, biologically active substances.

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