Assessing the Impact of Social Distance on Skin Condition during COVID-19 Pandemic Based on an Online Survey

Naga Harika Korrapati, Priyanka Bhowmik, Pavithra Balakrishnan, Jahnvi Shah, Luiza Gabunia


Abstract - After the declaration of the pandemic in March 2020, Governments around the world made social distancing a mandatory rule to practice to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (covid-19). This action has impacted our lives in several ways, it can be stated that it might also have an impact on skin conditions or lead to skin conditions. The purpose of this survey was to assess if individuals practicing social distancing have experienced any dermatological changes. An online survey consisting of 16 questions was conducted to find out if the prolonged practice of social distancing has led to any skin conditions. 39.7 %( n=93) of individuals who took the survey stated that they have observed changes in their skin, hair, and nails, they stated that these skin changes were observed post-pandemic (p=0.00037). 33.8% (n=79) of participants stated that they are experiencing hair loss and 4.7% (n=11) of individuals noted to have observed vertical lines in their nails. Along with several factors like changes in the skincare routine, diet changes, mood changes, wearing masks, and excessive sanitization, the practice of social distancing has shown to impact changes in dermatological conditions in the pandemic. These conditions can be prevented with the right precautionary measures and can be treated under the care of a dermatologist while still practicing social distancing.


Social distancing; Skin changes; Skin types; Pandemic; Hair changes; Nail changes; Coronavirus.

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