Analysis the Path of the Light in the Optical Waveguide with Quadratic Graded Index by Using Simple Approximation Method

Ali Çetin, Serel Ozmen Akyol, Eyyup Gulbandilar


Optical waveguides are photonic circuit elements where the light is guided inside. These photonic elements require a transparent medium that the refractive index of the layer is higher than that of the surrounding material. Optical waveguides usually consist of two parts. The inside part is called as core has high refractive index The second part is called as cladding with lower refractive index surrounded the core. Guiding property of optical waveguides are based on the principle of total reflection of light from planar dielectric interfaces. This property of optical waveguides is defined by some structure parameters. Since the refractive index of optical waveguides decreases from the core center to cladding gradually, the refractive index changing of optical waveguides with graded index should be taken into consideration. In this study, behavior of light is analyzed by the parameter changing of optical waveguides. Eikonal equation is used to determine the trajectory of the light. Determination of the trajectory of the light is useful for the explanation of guiding in these waveguides. 


Optical waveguides, refractive index, light trajectory, approximation technique, Eikonal equation

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